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AFSCME Care Dental Insurance

AFSCME Care Dental InsuranceThe moment that a patient is covered by an AFSCME Care dental insurance policy they should immediately make a call to our dental practice.  No matter how diligent an individual is with their dental health at home, everyone will require the services of a dental professional throughout their lifetime in order to achieve a truly beautiful smile and great oral health.  Here is a quick glimpse at just some of these treatments that are offered by our Culver City dentist that may be covered by one of these policies.

One of the quickest and easiest services that we offer is also one of our most important, and that is the biannual checkup.  Those that are covered by an AFSCME Care dental insurance plan should schedule these appointments every 6 months in order to receive the preventative and general dentistry treatments that are required to detect and treat all of the most common oral health issues.  This includes ailments such as oral cancers, gum disease, and tooth decay.

These appointments will begin with a simple oral examination at which point our experienced dentist will be searching for any indicators that there are health complications within the mouth.  If tooth decay is found, our dentist will offer patients some of the most advanced dental services in order to heal the mouth and restore the integrity of the teeth.  This includes options such as root canals, fillings, crowns, and more.

For gum disease, the treatment will depend on how far the condition has progressed and the overall health of the patient.  In its earliest stages, patients may only require professional teeth cleaning, the use of prescription mouth wash, and basic changes to their oral hygiene habits.  For the latest stages of gum disease, more extensive dental treatments may be needed including skin grafting, scaling, and pocket reduction.

Whether you have not had a checkup with a dentist in years or are simply looking for a friendly and experienced dental practice that can offer you spectacular results, all those that are currently covered by an AFSCME Care dental insurance plan should contact our office today to see what a world-class team of dental specialists can do for them.

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