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American Benefits Plan Dental Insurance

American Benefits Plan Dental InsuranceBeginning at the age of one or whenever the first tooth erupts, everyone should seek out multiple dental appointments a year in order to keep their mouth and the rest of their body as healthy as possible. Those that avoid these few simple steps are putting themselves at risk for a number of serious health complications that no one will ever want to go through alone. If you and your family are currently covered by American Benefits Plan dental insurance, contact our office today and we will assist you with all of your dental needs.

Throughout one’s life, there will be countless reasons to visit our Culver City dentist. Starting at a very young age, we will work closely alongside your children in order to offer the services necessary to keep their baby teeth and their gums healthy. Services such as fluoride treatments, spacers, dental sealants can be used to protect the mouth during these critical years of development.

As children make that transition into their adolescent and teenage years, it is important for families that are currently using American Benefits Plan dental insurance to instill habits in their children that will allow them to maintain great oral health throughout their lifetimes. Professional cleaning and dental examinations are essential, but we also offer advanced services and appliances such braces and professional whitening services.

The benefits of American Benefits Plan dental insurance does not end in these early years though. Throughout one’s lifetime, adults will need a wide array of dental services and treatments in order to keep their mouth healthy and their smile complete. Biannual checkups should continue to take place and every adult should also make appointments for X-rays and other advanced options in order to detect any number of serious oral health issues that could result in periodontal disease or even tooth loss.

One’s oral health and the appearance of their teeth is not something that anyone should ever leave up to chance. If you and your family have not received a thorough oral examination in the past six months, contact us today to see which of these amazing treatments and services may be available to you.

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