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Baby Teeth

Baby teeth usually become loose and fall out at the age 6-7 to make room for the permanent teeth. In some kids it might happen as soon as age 4 or sometimes it can be as late as age 8. You may want to consult with a kid’s dentist if your kid has not lost any teeth by age 7. On the other hand, permanent teeth that erupt late are usually stronger as they had stayed longer in the jaw and are more resistant to cavities. Generally girls lose their baby teeth earlier than boys, but for all the kids it should be over by age 12 or 13. Baby teeth are usually lost in the same order they had erupted; first the two bottom front teeth followed by the two top front teeth, lateral incisors, first molars, canines and finally second molars.


Baby teeth are lost as the roots dissolve and clear the way for the permanent teeth. They usually fall out on their own. When the tooth is quite loose but is still hanging, you or your kid can use a tissue and slowly rotate the tooth until it comes out. If the root is completely dissolved, it should come out easily and there is no need to visit a children’s dentist. If there is still some root left, don’t force the tooth out, the root might break and become infected.
The newly erupted teeth may look bigger than they should, but will become less noticeable as your kid grows. If you think that the teeth are becoming crowded and are erupting too close to each other, consult with a kid’s dentist. If your kid needs orthodontic treatment, it’s better to start it as soon as possible.  Sometimes permanent teeth erupt before the baby teeth are gone. In that case two rows of teeth are developed (shark’s teeth). The baby teeth are pushed by the permanent teeth and usually fall out in a couple of weeks. If they last more than three months, then it’s time to consult with a children’s dentist. It’s better to have your kid’s teeth regularly checked by a kid’s dentist to make sure everything is in correct order.

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