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What You Need to Know about Tooth Abscess

What You Need to Know about Tooth AbscessWhy Tooth Abscess Occurs

Abscess is the result of a trapped bacterial infection inside the tissues of the mouth. In some cases, untreated tooth decay can cause a bacterial infection that produces an abscess. An abscess can also develop after a tooth is affected by cracks or breakage, which allows entry of bacteria into the tooth pulp. Finally, infections may result from accumulation of food particles between the gums and teeth, particularly when gum disease creates larger pockets in which bacteria thrive.

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Gum Disease Causing Bad Breath

Gum Disease Causing Bad BreathGum disease affects about half of American adults, giving many of them bad breath in addition to heightened risks of tooth loss and heart disease. This occurs because, as the pockets created by gum disease continue to develop, the mouth more easily harbors the bacteria that cause foul odors.

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Risk Factors for Gum Disease

Risk Factors for Gum DiseaseGum disease has been linked to several risk factors besides plaque accumulation. Here is a list of risk factors that can predispose you to this condition.

Tobacco Use

Use of cigarettes and chewing tobacco is associated with nearly every ailment, and gum disease is no exception. To avoid gum disease, avoid tobacco in all of its forms.

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Difference between Silver and White Fillings

Difference between Silver and White FillingsWhen a tooth is decayed, the decayed portion of the tooth has to be taken out. To restore the tooth, the dentist must fill the hole with a substance called a dental filling that restores the appearance of the tooth and prevents bacteria from entering the cavity. Dr. Eftekhari, Culver City cosmetic dentist, offers two kinds of fillings: silver fillings and white fillings. Each has different advantages and disadvantages.

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Whitening Treatments for Sensitive Teeth

Whitening Treatments for Sensitive TeethWhitening treatments are some of the most often-requested procedures at United Dental Care. Dr. Eftekhari, Culver City cosmetic dentist, performs hundreds of these procedures each year. However, patients with sensitive teeth often experience problems when it comes to whitening their teeth because some teeth whitening procedures can intensify tooth sensitivity.

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Safety when Whitening Your Teeth

Safety when Whitening Your TeethToday, a white, gleaming smile is considered to be an essential part of a person’s appearance. Many people worry about the safety of their chosen method of teeth whitening, however. Most in-office and over-the-counter methods of teeth whitening are considered to be safe and effective.

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Options for Whiter Teeth

Options for Whiter TeethA white smile is an essential part of a youthful, healthy appearance. Fortunately, it is easier than ever to achieve a gleaming white smile, thanks to advances in modern dentistry. Dr. Eftekhari, cosmetic dentist in Culver City, offers many options for teeth whitening, allowing you to select the option that best meets your needs.

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Foods that Can Discolor Your Teeth

Foods that Can Discolor Your TeethCertain foods and drinks have natural dyes in them that can stain your teeth. To keep your teeth pearly white, you should learn what these products are so that you can avoid them as much as possible. A healthy diet is one of the best ways to improve your oral health. Eating less processed food and more fruits and vegetables will keep your teeth strong and healthy.

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How Teeth Whitening Treatments Work

How Teeth Whitening Treatments WorkTeeth whitening treatments are easily accessible nowadays. With that said, you should contact our cosmetic dentist in Culver City before attempting to have your teeth whitened. Dr. Eftekhari will perform a checkup and clean your teeth to remove the surface stains. Once Dr. Eftekhari properly cleans your teeth, he can assess if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening.

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Benefits of Porcelain Veneers for You

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers for YouPorcelain veneers are a common resource in the cosmetic dentistry field. Patients can have the veneers put on to improve their smile and self-confidence. If you wish to improve your teeth, you should contact our Culver City porcelain veneers specialist to schedule a consultation. During your appointment, our dentist will examine your teeth to see if you are a good candidate for the use of porcelain veneers.

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Treating Gum Disease

Treating Gum DiseaseGum disease is the result of millions of bacteria within the mouth that continue to attack the soft tissue. When left untreated, it can lead to serious health issues including tooth decay and tooth loss. This is why our Culver City dentist is here to offer a full line of treatments that are going to be able to prevent gum disease and treat it in those that have recently been diagnosed.

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Importance of Oral Care for Toddlers

Importance of Oral Care for ToddlersEven parents that go to all lengths to keep their children happy and healthy often forget the importance of oral care for their toddlers. It is exceedingly important for parents to bring their children in for regular visits to our Culver City dentist as well as understand some of the stages that their children will begin to go through while teething, losing their baby teeth, and finally receiving their full set of adult teeth.

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Possible Causes of Bad Breath

Possible Causes of Bad BreathHaving bad breath is not only embarrassing, it is something that countless individuals must struggle with every single day. Luckily, there are a few steps that can be taken by a patient to avoid halitosis permanently. Here is a look at this condition with our Culver City dentist and a few of the basic tips that can be used to make bad breath a thing of the past.

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Best Diet for Preventing Cavities

Best Diet for Preventing CavitiesNo matter how diligently a patient visits our dentist in Culver City or sticks to their daily oral hygiene habits at home, the health of the teeth and the body is often going to begin with the foods that we ingest. Those that consume high quantities of bad foods may find that they are more likely to be diagnosed with serious oral health complications. This is why we believe that everyone should understand the basics of a good diet that are going to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

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About Tooth Sensitivity

About Tooth SensitivityOne of the most common dental problems in the world is tooth sensitivity. Some experts claim that as many as half of the entire population suffers from overly sensitive teeth. This is why our Culver City dentist is here to inform all patients on why dentin and root hypersensitivity take place and what can be done to prevent it or minimize its effect on one’s health.

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Gum Disease and Its Link to Respiratory Diseases

Gum Disease and Its Link to Respiratory DiseasesGum disease is a problem that is diagnosed in a startling number of patients every single year.  Almost any changes to one’s immune system, dietary habits, or hormones could lead to an inflammation of the gums, one of the initial symptoms of gum disease.  While this condition is often treatable, those that fail seek out the services of our dentist in Culver City may find themselves with one unfortunate side effect of periodontits and gingivitis: respiratory disease.

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Tooth Grinding and How It Affects Your Dental Health

Tooth Grinding and How It Affects Your Dental HealthOne very common problem that we see in many of our patients is teeth grinding. Often referred to as bruxism in the field of dentistry, the chronic grinding of one’s teeth can lead to serious oral health complications if not dealt with immediately. If you or someone you love is currently struggling with bruxism, here is a look at some of the common causes, symptoms, and the treatments that our Culver City dentist may be able to assist you with.

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Fluoridation and Its Effects on Your Dental Health

Fluoridation and Its Effects on Your Dental HealthThe topic of fluoridation has been a major point of debate in the field of dentistry for many years. Currently, almost 2/3 of the entire population within the United States currently has fluoride manually added to their local water supply. This has been done in order to protect the health and growth of the nation's teeth, but not all citizens are convinced of the benefits. This is why our Culver City cosmetic dentist believes that it is exceedingly important for all patients to understand the exact benefits of fluoride treatments, products, and fluoridated water.

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The Link between Gum Disease and Heart Disease

Many of us know that it is important to keep up with great oral health habits in order to preserve our smiles. While these habits are key to the appearance of our teeth, it is also important for much more serious reasons. Our Culver City dentist believes that all patients should understand some of the startling studies that link gum disease and coronary artery disease.

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Different Types of Dental Fillings

There are many different options available to our Culver City cosmetic dentist when it comes to repairing damaged and decaying teeth. In the most severe cases, we may be required to utilize advanced restorative techniques, such as crowns. When the damage is caught early enough though, dental fillings are often a wonderful solution to prevent the spread of the infection and restore the appearance of one’s smile.

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HIV Patients and the Importance of Dental Treatments

There are patients with certain conditions that may make their oral healthcare more demanding than the average individual. This includes HIV patients that are at a high risk for a wide array of serious oral health diseases and complications that could affect their entire body. This is why our dentist in Culver City believes that everyone diagnosed with HIV should understand the basics of the oral health and what our dental practice can do for them.

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Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Symptons of Oral CancerWhen discussing any of the major health conditions that can take place in the mouth, oral cancer typically leads the list as one of the most pervasive and deadly that any patient can be diagnosed with.  Nearly 8,000 Americans die from this disease every single year with another 34,000 being diagnosed with it for the first time.  With a little bit of information and regular trips to our Culver City dentist, locals will dramatically increase their chances of catching oral cancer early or staving it off before it ever develops.

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Taking Care of a Knocked Out Tooth

Taking Care of a Knocked Out ToothThose that live an active lifestyle always have the chance of having a tooth knocked out.  Whether it is going on a quick ride on a bicycle or diving for a football, it is important for everyone to understand what to do if their tooth is knocked out and the correct way to care for their mouth immediately afterwards.

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Facts about Gum Disease

When most patients think of oral health they tend to gravitate towards the appearance of the teeth.  Many may be surprised to hear that one of the most common problems that is found with oral health comes down to one very pervasive disease, periodontitis.  Also known as gum disease, this condition affects countless millions and has come to be the leading reason for tooth loss in adults that are 35 and over.  This is why our Culver City dentist believes that everyone should understand some of the eye-opening facts about periodontal disease.

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Causes of Tooth Decay

It can be a frightening fact to hear that tooth decay is one of the most frequently diagnosed human disorders in the world.  While it is commonly associated with cavities, tooth decay can actually lead to a wide range of health complications, both mild and serious.  As the most trusted Culver City cosmetic dentist, Dr. Eftekhari and his staff believe that every patient should understand where this pervasive disorder comes from and how it can be treated.

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Best Dental Care Routine

Working alongside the leading Culver City dentist, one of the most common problems we see with patients here at United Dental Care is a lack of basic oral hygiene.  Many people have been given wrong or outdated information on how to take care of their teeth while at home, but that is all soon to change.  Here is a look at the absolute basics of keeping teeth straight, white, and healthy at all times.

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Los Angeles Sedation Dentist

A “sedation dentist” is a dentist who is specially trained to give sedation drugs to patients. Using tranquilizers, depressants, anti-anxiety medication, nitrous oxide, etc., a sedation dentist gently sends dental patients into a deep sleep while he or she works on the patient's mouth. These days, needle-free oral sedation medication is the most common method used by sedation dentists.

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Trusted West Los Angeles Children's Dentist

West Los Angeles Children DentistFor children, first visits to get a haircut and to the dentist fall into similar categories. To a child, it seems unfathomable that someone taking a sharp pair of scissors to their hair won't hurt badly. As for the dentist's office, being strapped into a strange-looking chair, with sharp instruments and looming adults surrounding you, the visit may as well be an alien abduction.

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Difference Between Veneers and Lumineers

Residents of southern California should know better than anyone: movie star smiles are no accident. The next time you pick up a copy of “People” magazine or some other tabloid and look at the teeth of the stars, ask yourself, “Why are all their teeth so perfect, and so perfectly white?”

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Dentist of West Los Angeles

Dentist of West Los AngelesPractice - United Dental Care is a premier dental practice that provides excellent dental care to children and families. The practice strives to provide superior dental care in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere for children. Each dentist of West Los Angeles who is associated with this amazing organization works to be the best at what he does.

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Dentist in West Los Angeles

Dentist in West Los AngelesEstablishing Early Dental Care - The sooner a child finds a permanent dentist, the better. One of the most important actions a parent can take to ensure good dental health throughout the life of their child is to establish care with a dentist early in the child’s life and see that the child remains under the care of this dentist for life. There is a dentist in West Los Angeles who can provide this kind of care.

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West Los Angeles Dentist

West Los Angeles DentistPractice - United Dental Care is devoted to serving the dental needs of children, adults, and families. They offer a long list of services that will help every member of the family keep a bright smile for the world to see. Their work in pediatric dentistry, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry is used in conjunction with general exams and prevention techniques to make United Dental Care a well-rounded practice capable of treating people with a wide range of dental needs. This practice can help with almost any dental problem you have by providing the best West Los Angeles dentists for all the patients.

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Kids and fear of dentists

The relationship history of children and dentists isn’t always a pleasant one to read about. Many children have an unfounded fear of the dentist. They might whimper or cry when they enter the office and those that don’t might suffer in silence while waiting to see what they’ve been told is a monster. The good news for the children dentist relationship is that it doesn’t have to be terrible at all. It never had to be terrible and it doesn’t have to be terrible ever again. Before taken to a kids dentist, a few things need to be told to a child. They’re no secret to adults, but children have not yet learned that a dentist is the good guy.

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Free Consultation for Braces in Marina Del Rey

For anyone considering braces in Marina Del Rey, your first stop should be at United Dental Care. Our dentists offer a free consultation for kids and adults getting braces in Marina Del Rey. We'll be able to work with you to explore your different options, including traditional metal braces, the popular new Invisalign “braces”, as well as clear braces. No matter what your age and your orthodontic situation, United Dental Care stands ready to help.

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Improve Your Smile and Your Confidence by Cosmetic Dentistry

Smiling confidently is something that everyone should be able to do. However, if you are embarrassed by your crooked, missing, yellow, or stained teeth you would probably rather do just about anything other than smile. If cover your mouth with your hand or try to keep your lips together tightly when smiling, you might want to consider scheduling a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. A Culver City cosmetic dentist can help you attain the smile you have always wanted. As cosmetic dentists, we have a mission to provide you with a gorgeous smile of which you can be proud. We take our jobs very seriously.

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Pregnancy and Gum Disease

Current understanding of maternal and fetal physiology indicates that the benefits of providing dental care during pregnancy far outweigh potential risks. Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases, including needed dental radiographs and use of local anesthesia, are highly beneficial and can be undertaken during pregnancy with no additional fetal or maternal risk when compared to the risk of not providing care. The American Academy of Periodontology, for example, urges oral health professionals to provide preventive services as early in pregnancy as possible and to provide treatment for acute infection or sources of sepsis irrespective of the stage of pregnancy.

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Milk and Healthy Teeth

Brushing your teeth regularly is not the only way of keeping them healthy, and it's certainly not enough. Diet and food choices also play an important role.

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Fluoride in diet

We all have calcium fluoride in our bodies. It is mainly found in bone and teeth and the proper amount of it makes teeth strong by hardening the tooth enamel and preventing initiation of dental caries and tooth decay resulting from acid contained in sugars and the breakdown of carbohydrates. Lack of it, on the other hand, can danger the health of our bones and teeth. For kids under 6 years old, fluoride is essential for development of permanent teeth and that makes it vital for kids between 6 and 16 years old to have enough intake of fluoride in order to have healthy, strong teeth and far less cavities. Topical fluoride -- from toothpastes, mouth rinses, and fluoride treatments -- are important in fighting tooth decays in adults as well.

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Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums can be a sign of periodontal diseases, especially gingivitis. Gums bleed mainly because of inadequate removal of plaque from teeth and gums, especially gum lines. If plaque is not removed from teeth and gums through regular brushing and flossing and professional dental cleanings by a general dentist, it will harden on the gum lines and lead to inflammation of the gums, called gingivitis and causes them to bleed. If not treated, it leads to increased bleeding and advanced gum and jawbone diseases called periodontitis. Eventually, it will destroy the soft tissue and bone supporting the teeth and your teeth may become loose and fall out.

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Dental Care and Diabetes

Your teeth and gums are not safe from high blood sugar. As your blood sugar level goes higher and higher the risk of tooth decays (cavities) and gum diseases become more and more. Mouth naturally contains many kinds of bacteria. Sugar and starches in the foods we take interact with these bacteria and form a sticky film on the teeth which we call plaque. The acid in the plaque eats away the enamel of the teeth and can lead to cavities. With the higher blood sugar that comes with diabetes, the wear on the teeth becomes more and the risk of cavities becomes higher.

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Dental Care for Kids

Dental care for kids should start even before their teeth come out. Just because you can't see the teeth doesn't mean that they're not there. Many babies are born with several teeth completely developed in their jaw. Wipe your baby's gums with a soft damp cloth after each feeding. It helps preventing the buildup of bacteria. After the teeth appear, start brushing them with a soft kid's toothbrush twice a day. As a kids dentist I recommend using fluoride toothpastes only when your child is pre-school age. Always use only a small amount of them. Kids usually swallow most of these toothpastes and swallowing too much of them can leave permanent stains on the teeth.

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TMJ Disorders

There is a joint on each side of the head in front of the ears which connects lower jaw bones to skull. They are called temporomandibular joints (TMJ). These joints allow you to yawn, talk and chew. TMJ disorders cause pain, tenderness and discomfort in these joints. About 10 million people have TMJ disorders in United States and women are more likely to be affected by them then men. At United Dental Care we recommend self-managed care and non-surgical treatments for mild cases of these disorders, but in severe cases dental or surgical interventions might be needed. We offer these surgeries at Culver City Dentist and our other dental offices (Beverly Hills Dentist, Westwood Dentist, Los Angeles Dentist, ...) as well.

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Dry Mouth Condition

Xerostomia or dry mouth condition can be really annoying. It is caused by lack of saliva in the mouth which can be a side effect of some health conditions or medications. Saliva washes away food particles and plaque, limits bacterial growth in the mouth and reduces the chance of tooth decays. Therefore, lack of it in the mouth can be a danger to the health of your teeth. Dryness in the mouth, thick and stringy saliva, bad breath, cracked lips, split skin at the corners of the mouth, sore throat, difficulty speaking or swallowing, fungal infection in the mouth, an altered sense of taste or an increase in tooth decay, gum disease and plaque can all be symptoms of Xerostomia.

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Causes of Bad Breath

Most people are not even aware of their bad breath condition, at least until someone tells them about it. Bad breath or Halitosis can be caused by certain foods, tobacco products or a medical condition such as Xerostomia (dry mouth condition).

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Toothache and Sinus Infection

Not all toothaches can indicate a problem with teeth or gum. Sometimes toothaches are caused by sinus infection, especially if the pain is in the upper teeth in the mouth. We have a sinus, called the maxillary sinus, on each side of the nose. Maxillary sinuses are the ones that most commonly become infected as they are prominently exposed to the environment and because their mucus has to move upward to drain into the nasal cavity, so they usually don't drain while you are standing, and that makes them prone to infections. Once a sinus gets infected, it fills up with fluid and gets inflamed. As the roots of the upper teeth end in these two sinuses, patients feel the pain in their upper back teeth and often complain about a metallic taste in their mouth.

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Baby Teeth

Baby teeth usually become loose and fall out at the age 6-7 to make room for the permanent teeth. In some kids it might happen as soon as age 4 or sometimes it can be as late as age 8. You may want to consult with a kid's dentist if your kid has not lost any teeth by age 7. On the other hand, permanent teeth that erupt late are usually stronger as they had stayed longer in the jaw and are more resistant to cavities. Generally girls lose their baby teeth earlier than boys, but for all the kids it should be over by age 12 or 13. Baby teeth are usually lost in the same order they had erupted; first the two bottom front teeth followed by the two top front teeth, lateral incisors, first molars, canines and finally second molars.

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Teeth Grinding

Grinding, gnashing or clenching teeth is known as Bruxism or teeth grinding. You may unconsciously clench or grind your teeth during the day or night (Sleep Bruxism). Usually Bruxism is mild and doesn't even need treatment. When it is frequent and severe it can cause jaw disorders, damaged teeth, headaches or other chronic facial pains. If you have sleep Bruxism, you probably are not even aware of it. If your teeth are worn down, chipped, flattened or fractured, are more sensitive or your enamels are worn and deeper layers of your teeth are showing you might want to call your dental office and get an appointment. Jaw pain or tightness in jaw muscles, enlarged jaw muscles, earache which is not due to a problem with your ear, chewed tissue inside your cheek or indentations on your tongue are other symptoms of teeth grinding.

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What You Need to Know About Tooth Cavities

Tooth cavities in very young kids is one of my biggest concerns as a kids dentist these days. It seems that many kids start to have cavities in their baby teeth between age 2 and 5. Cavities are decayed parts of the teeth that turn into holes or openings in the teeth. A combination of factors cause tooth decays. Some of them are snacking frequently, consuming sugary drinks and of course, not cleaning your teeth properly. Also foods that stay on the teeth for a long time, like raisins, dried fruit, milk, ice cream, honey, sugar, cake, cookies, hard candy, cereal, chips and soda can cause cavities. Milk, juice, formula or other sugar-containing drinks stay on teeth for a long time and cause erosion which eventually leads to cavities (that's where baby bottle tooth decay comes from). That is the obvious reason why kids dentists observe so many tooth cavities and decays in kids. Snacking is quite a habit for kids, they love sugary drinks and sweet foods and they are not that obsessive with brushing and taking care of their teeth.

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Oral Disease, Oral Thrush

Oral thrush happens when a kind of fungus (Candida albicans) accumulates on the lining of the mouth. It causes creamy white lesions on tongue or inner cheeks that can be painful and bleed when being scraped. These lesions can spread to the roof of the mouth, gums, or even back of the throat. Cottage cheese-like lesions, cracking at the corners of the mouth, cottony feeling in the mouth, pain and loss of taste are other symptoms of oral thrush. Although it occurs in people who wear dentures as well, kids dentists report Oral thrush in babies more than any other group.

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Know the Symptoms

As a children dentist, I have come across a lot of young patients with gum diseases. I had this patient last week who had generalized aggressive periodontist. It's a gum disease that usually starts around puberty and affects the entire mouth. His gums were inflamed and there were heavy accumulation of calculus and plaque. I referred him to our periodontist in the office to start treatment immediately. Scaling and root planing was performed to remove the tartar on the teeth and rough spots on the root to clean up where the germs and bacteria gather. His gum disease was not advanced and he didn't need flap surgery. He had not taken the signs seriously- he said it was just slight bleeding while brushing in the beginning- but when his gums became swollen, his bad breath would not go away with brushing and flossing, and he noticed a couple of roots showing, he decided to get it checked just in case. He was lucky as he had come in just in time. If he had ignored the symptoms for a while longer, he would have lost his teeth. These diseases are aggressive and affect all teeth and gum in just a short period of time. Early treatment is essential to save the teeth and gum from periodontal diseases. I advice all parents to take their kids for regular checkups with children dentist to detect any early sign of periodontal diseases and start the treatment in early stages.

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Teeth Whitening - My Shiny Teeth

It's important to have nice, bright colored teeth. With healthy white teeth, people feel less self-conscious and smile more often. The appearance of facial wrinkles is minimized and the face looks more youthful with whiter teeth. Orthodontic treatments can regulate the jaw alignment and enhance the way teeth look, but in order to have whiter teeth, whitening or bleaching procedures should be performed on the teeth.

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Don't Underestimate your Teeth!

Maria is one of our patients at United Dental Care who lost several teeth in a car accident last year. She had to stay in the hospital for 6 weeks for her other injuries and had to go through several surgeries. She was not much eager to get out of the hospital even after a full recovery and was pretty depressed and had completely lost her self-esteem when she came to us. Losing her teeth was a bad experience; she felt embarrassed in front of the others, she had lost her eating ability and other people find it hard to understand what she said, due to difficulty of correct pronunciation of words.

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Importance of in-time Dental Treatment

It's amazing how such a small tooth can cause you the worst possible pain! If you feel a dull ache in your tooth, consult with your dentist as soon as you can. If you need a root canal treatment you'd better do it now than later. The dull ache, which can go away by a couple of pain-killers in the beginning, can later turn into the worst pain you have ever experienced. If you don't get a root canal treatment in time, your dentist might have to extract the infected tooth.

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Culver City Dentist Testimonial by Cathy

I had such a great experience at Culver City Dentist office. Both staff and doctor were grate. From the first phone call to the appointment day and even after I left the office they were all there for me all the way.

I wanted to do a check up so I searched for a dentist online and I called few offices until finally I talked to the receptionist at the United Dental Care. She was so nice and understanding. She did any thing she could to accommodate me the time and the day that I wanted to go in. The day before she called and confirmed my appointment and thank God she did so because I had totally forgotten about it.


The day of my appointment everything went so smoothly. Everyone and everything was so nice and high tech. The dental assistant came out and introduced herself and took me in to take my x-rays. She answered any questions that I had regarding the x-rays. Then she took pictures of my teeth and I could see the problems on the big screen myself.


Dr. Eftekhari was great. He came in and introduced himself. We had a small chat and before starting, he explaining to me the things he was going to do in order to see if there is any problem. He was very professional, calm and understanding. He took his time to address all my dental needs and concerns. This was the first time in my life that I did not feel rushed in a dental office. Finally the office manager came in and after introducing herself she took the time to explain to me all aspects of the treatment plan and scheduled me again for the time and the day that was convenient for me.


At night after my appointment, Dr. Eftekhari called me at home to check on me and see if I have any other questions or concerns that were left unanswered during my appointment. I could not believe that a doctor with such a busy schedule would take the time to call his patient’s personally. This was the nicest thing ever and I truly appreciate it.


I recommend this office to everybody. If you want real service and nice people to deal with this is the place for you.

I highly recommend this place to all my family and friends. More dental offices need to be like this.


Cathy Brown

Culver City Kids Braces

I remember the braces kids used to wear back then when I was in school. Those days braces were metal bands that had to be worn around the mouth and face. Most kids despised braces and would not be caught dead wearing them. During each visit to the dentists, I used to constantly hope my orthodontist would not tell me I needed braces.

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Culver City Kids Dentist Post

I think it was almost a month ago. A nine year old girl came in with her mother, crying hysterically. Apparently she had been at the playground with some of her friends when a swing had hit her and knocked one of her teeth out of her mouth. Fortunately her mother had the presence of mind to find the tooth and put it in some milk. That is the best way to keep the tooth until you get to a dentist; in a container full of milk or saline, and make sure you hold it by the crown, not the root, when you pick it up. If you manage to get to a dentist within half an hour, there is a good chance the tooth can be put back in its place.

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Culver City Dentist, Dr. Eftekhari

Dr. Eftekhari has practiced and trained to build a dental practice that exceeds your expectations of trusted, personalized dental care. He focuses on bringing his patients only the best that dentistry has to offer by keeping himself and his staff informed on the latest advances and techniques in dentistry. Dr. Eftekhari is a graduate of Marquette University School of Dentistry, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He stays up-to-date on the newest developments in his field by taking numerous continuing education courses. These have included communication in esthetic dentistry, infection control, computerized modern dental technology, oral pathology, and pediatric oral conscious sedation. In addition, he is an affiliate member of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

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