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Causes of Bad Breath

Most people are not even aware of their bad breath condition, at least until someone tells them about it. Bad breath or Halitosis can be caused by certain foods, tobacco products or a medical condition such as Xerostomia (dry mouth condition).
When some foods such as garlic, onion, cheese, meat products and dairy products (generally high protein products), and drinks such as sodas and orange juice are absorbed into blood stream, they are transferred to lungs and expelled. Brushing and flossing is not of much help in this case and the odor continues until these foods are eliminated by the body.
Also when foods remain in mouth, between teeth, on the tongue or around the gums they can rot and be a cause of bad breath. That is why brushing and flossing several times a day is highly recommended by family dentists and kids dentists at Culver City Dentist.
Xerostomia or dry mouth condition can be caused by some medications, continuously breathing through the mouth or in some cases a problem with salivary gland. In any case the flow of saliva, which is essential for cleaning the mouth and removing food particles in the mouth decreases. Family dentists at Los Angeles Dentist suggest increasing your fluid intake or using sugarless candies and in some cases prescribe artificial saliva to cure dry mouth condition.

Chronic sinusitis, postnasal drip, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, an infection in the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal disturbance and even liver or kidney ailment are some medical conditions that can be causes of Halitosis.
In most cases bad breath is caused by oral bacteria. Sulfur compounds, which have bad odor, are part of wastes of these bacteria and even a very thin layer of plaque provides an ideal environment for the bacteria to live and grow.

Maintaining oral and dental health is very important in controlling Halitosis. Schedule regular checkups and cleanings with a dentist at our dental office in West Los Angeles to prevent any dental and gum diseases. Brush at least twice and floss at least once a day.

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