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Children Need Not be Afraid of their Dentist

Children Need Not be Afraid of their Dentist

Children being afraid of the dentist can be a difficult concern. Parent’s and dentist in Culver City each play a vital role in making a child’s dental treatment a positive experience. Any nervousness by parent’s will be picked up by the child.

Taking kids to a dental office Culver City is necessary to promote oral hygiene habits and keep their teeth healthy. From a child’s viewpoint it can be a very scary event; lying on a chair with in an unfamiliar room filled with weird noises and objects. A stranger is thrusting a cold, metallic, and unusual object in his mouth.Alleviating this fear will help ease future visits for parent’s, dentist, and child. Your goal is to help your children have a fun, healthy, and positive view of going to the dentist in Culver City. Follow these steps to make to make your child feel comfortable and relaxed.

Schedule an informal visit

The earlier a child visits the kids dentist Culver City the better. Introduce your child to the dentist outside of any procedure, the visit should be relaxed and non-formal. It should be a meet and greet occasion without any dental procedures. He (or she) can meet the staff and become familiar with the surroundings.

Avoid using negative words.

Use positive language; avoid saying words like drill, hurt, pain, and shot.

Check your own feelings

Parent’s own fears are transferred to your child. Be sure to consider which conversations about your own dental experiences are appropriate for your child to hear.

Schedule a meeting with the dentist outside the office

Introduce your child to their dentist outside the office in a fun, welcoming environment. This will allow your precious little one time to begin their relationship in a positive manner.


Make your visit to the dentist a truly fun event, avoid being rushed and unprepared. Build excitement and plan a fun day that centers around the visit.

Culver City Dentist

Culver City Dentist clinic is children friendly, we make your little ones feel at home. Our dentists and our staff are well trained in handling children. We avoid using negative phrases, instead we use positive ones like: put some vitamins in your mouth and remove the dirt in your teeth. We used customized kid’s dentistry equipment and our office is painted with decorative colors. We have a play area filled with toys and video games, they can watch movies too while waiting for their dental treatment. Once inside the dental room the parent will be asked to wait outside. An assistant will be on hand to catch the attention of the child while the dentist treats the patient. We want our young patients to experience a painless and stress free treatment.

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