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Fluoride Treatment

Cleaning teeth is actually removing tartar and plaque from them. Our saliva contains calcium and other minerals that help strengthen the teeth. Gradually calcium deposits are built up on the teeth. They are usually tooth-colorecd but can vary from brown to black. If these minerals accumulate on teeth for a long time the environment becomes ready for bacteria to live and multiply and that is the reason cleaning teeth on a regular basis is advised at United Dental Care to make sure the surface of them is healthy enough to prevent bacteria to accumulate. Teeth cleaning is very important for preventing gum disease and making sure the teeth are in good condition. 

Special instruments are used for cleaning teeth at United Dental Care. First an ultrasonic instrument might be used to shake the larger parts of the deposit on the teeth, and then a finer instrument is used to remove the rest of the plaque. You might also have your teeth polished as a part of cleaning to get a shinier smile.

Fluoride might also be applied to your teeth. Fluoride is a mineral found in water and some foods. They are added and lost from the tooth’s enamel during the day. Acids from bacteria living in the mouth and sugar reduce the amount of fluoride in the teeth, while the foods consumed during the day can add to it. Too much add or loss of fluoride is harmful for the teeth. Proper amount of it prevents the teeth from decay and makes them stronger for bacteria and sugar attacks. Enough fluoride is very vital for children 6 months to 16 years old and ensures healthier teeth in adulthood for them. That makes fluoride treatment very important for those who do not have the necessary amount of it. People who have dry mouth conditions, which are caused by some disease or medicine, might be in need of fluoride treatment as well. Lack of saliva in the mouth means that the extra acid caused by bacteria is not washed away and the teeth are not getting enough minerals. Also gum disease can increase the need for fluoride as they expose more teeth and roots to bacteria. People with recurring history of cavities and people who have crowns, bridges and braces are also advised to get fluoride treatment at United Dental Care to make sure they have healthy teeth.

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