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Culver City Emergency Dentist

Emergencies can and do occur, including emergencies pertaining to your teeth. A broken tooth can happen at any time. You might be eating your dinner and suddenly break a tooth when you bite down on something hard. Or a tooth may be broken while playing sports or when involved in a car accident. Whatever the reason for the mishap, broken teeth require care quickly, and a Culver City emergency dentist such as Dr. Eftekhari can be of great assistance in such a situation.

If you or a family member is suffering from trauma to the teeth, contact Culver City emergency dentist, Dr. Eftekhari at (310) 390-6000.

Any type of mouth emergency needs prompt attention to save further damage from occurring to your teeth. You may lose a filling or suddenly develop tooth pain that could be caused by a damaged nerve. Or the emergency may happen with one of your children. You want the assurance of knowing that you have a Culver City emergency dentist you can turn to for help as quickly as possible, especially where pain is involved. Dr. Eftekhari, Culver City family dentist, has the expertise to handle emergency situations competently and quickly. He cares about the health of your teeth and those of your family members, and he will do what is necessary to handle the emergency and save the tooth or teeth as best as possible.

With the right Culver City emergency dentist handling your dental requirements, you will have the proper care for your teeth whenever it is needed, especially when those unexpected emergencies crop up. A call to Dr. Eftekhari’s office will give you an appointment where an emergency examination can be performed to see what needs to be done. You will be at the receiving end of Dr. Eftekhari’s expertise and knowledge, and your teeth will benefit from the work accomplished by his skillful hands.

Culver City residents in the know will choose the proper Culver City emergency dentist to take care of their needs and those of their family. They want to know that their dentist will be able to handle whatever situations may arise, and Dr. Eftekhari, Culver City restorative dentist, is just the dentist for the job. If you require a dentist and want to know that your choice will insure the best dental care for your family at all times, choose Dr. Eftekhari, Culver City general dentist, and experience the remarkable work he does. For routine procedures and emergencies, you know you have chosen the right person with Dr. Eftekhari as your dentist.

When your teeth are damaged, the sooner you have them taken care of, the less irreversible damage you will suffer from. Your Culver City dentist can provide you the treatment you need when an emergency arises.


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