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Culver City Implant Dentist

Good dental care will do a great deal to keep your teeth healthy, but there are times when loss of teeth can still occur. It may be due to disease, a car accident, or injury to the teeth caused by playing sports. If you have experienced loss of teeth, you will need a Culver City implant dentist to take care of replacing your missing teeth. Dr. Eftekhari and his staff will be able to handle all of your dental needs and fit you with the proper dental implants for your specific condition.

Dentures are the solution when you have experienced the loss of more than one tooth. They are made of a porcelain or plastic material and look like your natural teeth when they are placed in your mouth. With properly fitting dentures from your Culver City implant dentist, you will be able to speak and eat just as though you had your original teeth, and dentures will also fill out the contours of the face and mouth area.

If you are missing one tooth, or several of them, contact United Dental Care at (310) 390-6000 and make an appointment with an experienced Culver City dentist.

Your dental implants, in the form of dentures, will last for up to seven years. During that period of time they will have to be occasionally adjusted to conform to your mouth as changes take place with your jaw and bones. Your Culver City implant dentist will do what is necessary to maintain a proper fit with your dentures. Dr. Eftekhari, Culver City dentist, and staff are very experienced in handling these matters and know what is required to keep patients’ dentures looking as they should and fitting properly within the mouth.

The residents of Culver City can benefit greatly from having a Culver City implant dentist like Dr. Eftekhari, who is well-skilled in dental implants. He has ample knowledge of the newest techniques and materials, assuring his patients of the best and most up-to-date treatments. Loss of teeth does not have to be a source of embarrassment with Dr. Eftekhari, Culver City restorative dentist. His expertise and that of his staff will reward you with properly-fitting replacements for your missing teeth. Your smile will be just as beautiful as before, and you will have Dr. Eftekhari, Culver City cosmetic dentist, and his team working with you to keep it that way.

Missing teeth can be a source of embarrassment as they change the shape of your face and cause you problems in talking and eating. Our Culver City implant dentist can provide you dentures that fit properly and prevent loss of teeth from becoming a problem.


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