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Culver City Invisalign Dentist

Braces are not just for children. Many adults can benefit from the help of braces to straighten out crooked teeth and to put a misaligned smile back into alignment. But as an adult, you most likely balk at the thought of having conspicuous braces on your teeth for the entire world to see. With the proper Culver City Invisalign Dentist, such as Dr. Eftekhari, you can have the smile that you have always wanted with a dental technique no one will even notice.

To consult with a Culver City Invisalign dentist to see if Invisalign braces are right for you call (310) 390-6000

Invisalign treatment consists of aligners that are changed every fourteen days or so to gradually shift your teeth into position. Exact calculations are done to insure that your teeth will go through the process of being moved into the proper place within your mouth. Every aligner is made specifically for you through your Culver City Invisalign dentist. You can be assured each aligner will fit perfectly and comfortably as it takes your teeth through the gradual process of being shifted into the proper position.

Invisalign is the easiest way to have your teeth straightened by your Culver City Invisalign dentist. The aligners are clear so they are virtually invisible. You can wear them with ease and confidence knowing that you will be the only one who is aware that you have them on your teeth. They are more comfortable than traditional metal braces, and they can be removed when you eat, drink and brush your teeth. Dr. Eftekhari, Culver City orthodontist, will guide you through your course of treatment with Invisalign, and you will experience the process of having your teeth straightened without having to go through the hassle of wearing uncomfortable, noticeable braces.

There is no reason to suffer with low self-esteem because of an imperfect smile made up of crooked teeth. Your Culver City Invisalign dentist has the solution to your problem. Allow Dr. Eftekhari, Culver City dentist, and his staff to assist you in getting the beautiful smile you have always wanted. With Invisalign, your gradual transformation will conclude with straight teeth of which you can be proud. And Dr. Eftekhari, Culver City general dentist, has the knowledge to keep those pretty teeth in perfect condition.

Are you dreaming of having a straight, beautiful smile, but you don’t really want to wear braces? Dr. Eftekhari, Culver City orthodontist, has the solution. With a set of customized Invisalign braces, you too can get your dream smile.

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