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Culver City Kids Braces

I remember the braces kids used to wear back then when I was in school. Those days braces were metal bands that had to be worn around the mouth and face. Most kids despised braces and would not be caught dead wearing them. During each visit to the dentists, I used to constantly hope my orthodontist would not tell me I needed braces.

I later learned how effective braces are in regulating the alignment of the jaw and controlling the way teeth grow. Most of tooth decays, gum diseases and other problems can be solved by early orthodontic treatments in childhood. The best time to start orthodontic treatments is around age seven, when permanent teeth are starting to grow. Thanks to the developments in orthodontic treatments in recent years, braces have dramatically changed. There is no sign of metal bands or those brackets that covered each tooth anymore. Treatment duration is shorter and the patients experience much less discomfort. Now you can choose the color of the brackets and even the ties holding the wires in them. This makes a lot of our young patients less reluctant toward braces, and they can have beautiful smiles and healthier teeth.

A couple of weeks ago Andrew, a regular young patient of ours, came in with his mother for an appointment with the orthodontist. It was decided in the previous sessions that he needed braces. He had decided he didn’t like braces and didn’t want to wear them. He had come to our office quite reluctantly and would not let us start preparing his teeth. We talked to him about the necessity of braces and explained how they work. We showed him the new braces and he was happy to see that they were not that noticeable. He was really excited about choosing the colors and constantly talked about it during the preparation. He looked happy when he finally left the office with shiny blue-colored braces. Watching kids leave a dental clinic happily and comfortably reminds me why I established United Dental Care in the first place.

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