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CulverCity Cosmetic Dentist

Everyone wants to have an attractive smile with even, white teeth. A Culver City cosmetic dentist can do wonders to improve your teeth and greatly enhance your smile. Dr. Eftekhari is well-trained in all cosmetic dental procedures, and he uses the newest technology to work on your teeth and give you a smile to be envied.

Your Culver City cosmetic dentist will be able to whiten your teeth with tooth whitening and bleaching procedures that are the best in removing ugly, noticeable stains. You do not have to feel embarrassed about yellow, stained teeth any longer. Dr. Eftekhari, CulverCity dentist, will bestow on you the pearly whites you would like to have.

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If you have broken or chipped teeth and would like to have them fixed, your Culver City cosmetic dentist can fit you with porcelain veneers. They are thin and comfortable and are bonded to the front of your teeth. Veneers are also the perfect way to camouflage teeth that are shaped improperly and to fill in gaps between teeth. You will be pleasantly surprised at the transformation of your smile after porcelain veneers have been applied.

Dr. Eftekhari, Culver City general dentist, can fill cavities in your teeth with a tooth-colored filling, a material that will not show and will blend in with your teeth. Fillings used to be the silver mercury material that were so noticeable in a tooth, but that is not the case now. Tooth-colored fillings can effectively take care of your cavities and not even show in your mouth.

Inlays and onlays are a way to deal with larger fillings in the teeth. An inlay will fit within the tooth while an onlay covers a portion of the outer tooth as well as within.

Your Culver City cosmetic dentist will also fit you with crowns if you have damaged, broken or cracked teeth. Root canal therapy is completed by applying a crown to the tooth. A crown fits over the tooth and acts as a covering, protecting it from further damage. Dr. Eftekhari can use crowns on your teeth where required and improve the appearance of your overall smile.

If your appearance is not what you would like it to be because of damaged and discolored teeth, allow Dr. Eftekhari, Culver City family dentist, to give you a winning smile.

You can keep dreaming about having a winning simile, but a Culver City cosmetic dentist can actually give you one. With the newest technology and skillful treatments, your smile can be transformed to a more beautiful, brighter one as well.

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