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Dental Care for Kids

Dental care for kids should start even before their teeth come out. Just because you can’t see the teeth doesn’t mean that they’re not there. Many babies are born with several teeth completely developed in their jaw. Wipe your baby’s gums with a soft damp cloth after each feeding. It helps preventing the buildup of bacteria. After the teeth appear, start brushing them with a soft kid’s toothbrush twice a day. As a kids dentist I recommend using fluoride toothpastes only when your child is pre-school age. Always use only a small amount of them. Kids usually swallow most of these toothpastes and swallowing too much of them can leave permanent stains on the teeth. 

Another one of my concerns as a kids dentist is cavities. Cavities are holes made by bacteria in the teeth and unfortunately are very common in kids. Consuming a lot of sugary foods and drinks increases the risk of cavities. Having your kids teeth regularly checked by one of our dentists at Culver City Dentist, Mar Vista Dentist, West Los Angeles Dentist, Beverly Hills Dentist or any other one of our dental offices helps preventing cavities. Avoid sweets, sticky foods and between-meals snacks and don’t forget brushing your kid’s teeth.
Baby-bottle tooth decay is another issue for kids. When you put your baby to sleep with a bottle, or your kid just goes around the house with a bottle in his or her mouth, milk or juice in the bottle remain on the teeth and their sugar eats away the enamel, making an ideal environment for the bacteria to gather and grow.
Thumb-sucking is not a danger for your kid’s teeth before age 4-6. If your kid still sucks his or her thumb, fingers or pacifier after age 4, ask your kids dentist to watch for signs of any problem. Thumb-sucking could be a problem if it persists by the time permanent front teeth start to appear.
Finally start taking your kids to kids dentist around their first birthday. Regular checkups can help preventing many dental and oral diseases and damage to their teeth.

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