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Dental Care – How to Achieve the Best Possible Smile

Dental Care – How to Achieve the Best Possible Smile

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A beautiful smile need not be the province of the rich and famous. Some people are born with a beautiful smile but in order to keep it they need to put dental care on their list of priorities. Once their adult teeth grow they have to last a lifetime and there are no second chances other than false ones.


Parents need to educate their children in many ways. One of those ways is to stress the importance of their teeth. If they get into the habit of visiting their dentist regularly they will receive the care and attention required. A good dentist will recommend regular brushing, certainly twice a day including last thing at night. Regular flossing helps to remove any small pieces of debris from between the teeth, debris that can lead to tooth decay.


Children often need braces to straighten their teeth. While they may initially feel subconscious once they are fitted that generally lasts for a very short time. That is good because it can be a slow process educating teeth to effectively reposition themselves slightly. Dentists will monitor the procedure which can take some time before being complete but once that is done the role of the dentist reverts to regular checks on the strength of teeth and gums and any treatment required to keep a patient’s oral health up to standard.

At times patients may need veneers or whitening treatment, especially those who smoke because teeth can become discoloured; they face the daily pressure of food and drink intake which reinforces the need for regular brushing and flossing.

Cosmetic Treatment

Anyone looking to achieve the best possible smile might need to get cosmetic procedures at some time in their lives. No matter the level of dental care, patients do lose teeth and no one wants a gap in their teeth, especially at the front. There are different answers to the problem. It may be a single crown on a bridge anchored by the teeth either side is sufficient. Alternatively they may even get an implant, a procedure which involves drilling into their jaw to place the implant and a period of time while the jaw and implant fuse before the permanent crown is added. In either case the crown will be color matched to the patient’s natural teeth. That perfect smile need not be elusive.


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