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Teeth Whitening: Cause, Effect, Treatment and Prevention Suggested at Dental Office Culver City

Teeth Whitening: Cause, Effect, Treatment and Prevention Suggested at Dental Office Culver City

Making your teeth white has become a very simple process especially at United Dental Care. There are so many factors to consider why your teeth change in color and our clinic, we do analyze each cause. Many people like you would want the best kind of dental treatment to whiten your teeth; this is why you should come into our dental office Culver City and have yourself check if you want to undergo with teeth whitening. We do offer effective treatments that will be very helpful to you and your whole family.

Probable Cause

When you want your teeth to be white, it is expected that you also want the best smile. These two would often go together because when you will smile, you sure would want everyone to see your dazzling white teeth. It is then very necessary that you should know first what causes teeth to discolor. First is the food and drinks you take in. That can affect the teeth over time because of ingredients and other chemicals. Another cause is a lifestyle. If you smoke then for sure, it can create stain in your teeth making it look yellowish. You would not want this because having stains on your teeth will make you feel uncomfortable every time you will speak and smile. Knowing these causes is very necessary so that our dentists will then know how to educate you and how can they manage what you will need.

Treatment for You

When our dentists can check and assess you properly, you will then now be able to know your possible treatments. Our expert Dr. Eftekhari who specializes in teeth whitening will do everything he can to satisfy your dental needs. He will orient you with zoom whitening that is one of our famous procedures in the clinic. He will use a powerful and specialized gel that will remove the stain and penetrate the enamel of the teeth. After he puts the gel, an LED light will be used to activate it and work its magic. The procedure will be very easy and fast. You will also be very comfortable because of how high-tech the equipment are.

Prevention Is Best

In the end, you should learn the importance of preventive measures for you to minimize discoloration of teeth. In our clinic, we would like to educate you how important it is to do basic dental care like brushing and flossing your teeth. It is also necessary to change your lifestyle like smoking if you don’t want stains in your teeth. Basic stuff and tips like these will come a long way for you.


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