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Dental Treatment for Children with Special Needs

Dental Treatment for Children with Special Needs

Culver City dental care for children with special needs will require some extra professional attention or modification of equipment or procedures. Your Culver City pediatric dentist should be informed of all physical and medical condition, medications, allergies and behaviors of the patient.

Oral discomfort coupled with disability may make oral care more difficult that will only add to the patient’s insecurity. Pre-appointment interview is important so that your Culver City pediatric dentist will be able to adjust to make the special patient cooperate with oral care. A full history is important as many disorders and several medications directly affect how, when, and in what condition teeth erupt. We will need all information and any behavioral concerns, such as the reaction of the patient to pain so that we can provide the best oral care.

On appointment date, we will see to it that the same dentist and staff will work with the special child. The same receptionist will be greeting them by name and the same dental chair will be used during the dental treatment. Consistency and routine are important factors in dealing with children with special needs.

Before the first appointment

• Pre-appointment interview

We will need the family member/guardian to fill out some paperwork before the initial visit. This will give us the necessary information so that we can prepare and give our special patient the best treatment possible.

Sometimes your Culver City pediatric dentist will need to talk with the child’s physician before starting dental treatment. Especially, if the patient has underlying medical conditions that affects the heart, lungs, and other internal systems.

• First appointment

In special cases like this, success on the first visit may simply be arriving to the Culver City dental office, meeting his Culver City pediatric dentist, and perhaps sitting on the dental chair. The parent/guardian should be prepared to make several appointments to give time to the patient to become familiar with the environment and the oral care. We will be keeping a logbook of what works and does not, including preferences and comfort items.

Strategies for daily oral health care

Good oral care begins at home; they need a daily routine for their teeth and gums to stay healthy. Many special children can be taught how to brush, rinse, and floss independently. Some will need special supervision through adult hood; others will need the task to be done someone else. Dental home care is the best way to prepare a special child for his visit at Culver City dental office.

The person teaching or providing him oral care will face many challenges same as the Culver City pediatric dentist in getting the special child to cooperate.

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