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Dentist in West Los Angeles

Dentist in West Los Angeles

Dentist in West Los AngelesEstablishing Early Dental Care – The sooner a child finds a permanent dentist, the better. One of the most important actions a parent can take to ensure good dental health throughout the life of their child is to establish care with a dentist early in the child’s life and see that the child remains under the care of this dentist for life. There is a dentist in West Los Angeles who can provide this kind of care.


United Dental Care – Dr. Eftekhari has had 18 years of experience caring for children. His academic credentials are excellent. He cares for each child that he sees and goes beyond routine care to make sure that they feel like they play an important role in their dental health. He educates them and works to reduce their fear of the dentist. These many goals make him a one of a kind dentist in West Los Angeles who can truly reach out to children and make them eager to take part in their dental health.

If you are looking for a dentist in West Los Angeles who would take your family’s dental care to the next level, Dr. Eftekhari is the one.

United Dental Care Staff – When you enter the office, you know you’re cared for. The blend of professionalism and friendliness is remarkable and soothing to children and adults alike. The whole family will feel at ease when interacting with the staff at United Dental Care and their visits will make them glad that they chose this dentist in West Los Angeles.

Everything You Need – There are many procedures that are required to maintain good dental health over many years of life. United dental care, working with a truly talented dentist in West Los Angeles, has a menu of treatments that will keep your teeth pain-free and healthy at all times. They offer basic maintenance services such as cleaning, exams, and X-rays, as well as restorative services like dental bridge and dentures. They offer teeth-saving procedures such as root canals, and periodontal procedures. This is one dentist in West Los Angeles that has you covered no matter what the occasion.

Comforting care for the whole family – Dr. Eftekhari loves to help families maintain good dental care. His passion in life is to make sure that everyone receives the kind of care they need. He wants children to go to the dentist fear-free and be eager to prevent problems. He is a dentist in West Los Angeles who cares about your family and looks forward to using his knowledge to protecting the dental health of everyone in your family.

To make an appointment with a dentist in West Los Angeles call (310) 390-6000. Our dentist can provide you the treatments you need and make sure your teeth are in a good condition and remain so for years to come.

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