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Dry Mouth Condition

Xerostomia or dry mouth condition can be really annoying. It is caused by lack of saliva in the mouth which can be a side effect of some health conditions or medications. Saliva washes away food particles and plaque, limits bacterial growth in the mouth and reduces the chance of tooth decays. Therefore, lack of it in the mouth can be a danger to the health of your teeth.
Dryness in the mouth, thick and stringy saliva, bad breath, cracked lips, split skin at the corners of the mouth, sore throat, difficulty speaking or swallowing, fungal infection in the mouth, an altered sense of taste or an increase in tooth decay, gum disease and plaque can all be symptoms of Xerostomia.


Medications, tobacco, nerve damage, cancer therapy or simply aging are causes of dry mouth condition. Drugs used for treating depression and anxiety, decongestants, anti-diarrhea medications, muscle relaxants, antihistamines, high blood pressure medications, drugs used for treating urinary incontinence and Parkinson’s disease medications are some of the drugs that can cause Xerostomia. Smoking or chewing tobacco can also increase the symptoms of dry mouth condition. Nerve damage in head and neck caused by an injury or during a surgery can be reasons for having a dry mouth too. Radiation treatments to head and neck as well as chemotherapy drugs can change the nature of saliva. Aging on its own is not a reason for Xerostomia, but as we get older we are more likely to have health conditions and take medications that affect saliva.
Drinking water and chewing gum (preferably sugar-free) can help you increase your saliva. Caffeine and acidic or sugary foods make your mouth drier, so avoid them as much as you can. Brushing with fluoride toothpastes, using fluoride rinses and adding moisture to the air especially at night can help. You can ask from one of the dentists at Culver City Dentist or our other dental offices if prescription fluoride toothpastes are beneficial to you. In case your dry mouth condition is a side effect of the medication you are taking, your doctor can adjust the dosage or in some cases change your medication. Sometimes medications can be prescribed to cure Xerostomia. 

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