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Kids and fear of dentists

The relationship history of children and dentists isn’t always a pleasant one to read about. Many children have an unfounded fear of the dentist. They might whimper or cry when they enter the office and those that don’t might suffer in silence while waiting to see what they’ve been told is a monster. The good news for the children dentist relationship is that it doesn’t have to be terrible at all. It never had to be terrible and it doesn’t have to be terrible ever again. Before taken to a kids dentist, a few things need to be told to a child. They’re no secret to adults, but children have not yet learned that a dentist is the good guy.


Teach your kids that the childrens dentist is not a monster and can actually help them make the toothache go away.

Children Dentistry: The facts

1. Dentists take away pain. This is a hard one to teach or learn, but it’s 100% true. Tooth pain is caused by tooth trouble, and that trouble is no fault of the dentist. The dentist is the only person in the world who can make tooth pain go away. That makes any dentist the friend of all mankind.
2. Dentists prevent pain. By regular visits to the dentist, future teeth problems are prevented and more lengthy procedures are avoided. Teeth remain clean and healthy so that diseases don’t develop. This means a childrens dentist will be needed less often. 3. Children dentistry is safe and fun. Most kids dentists go out of their way to make sure the child feels safe, comfortable, and at home when visiting the dentist. Toys are usually in the waiting room and a lollipop is usually at the end of a visit. Kids usually start out with a fear of dentists, but as time goes along, a good dentist can take away this fear by making each visit as comfortable as possible. This is important for the children because a fear of the dentist can cause children to avoid the dentist’s office, something which unfortunately will cause them to need a dentist a lot throughout life. It’s important to impress upon kids that the more they go for routine checkups, the less they’ll ever have to see a dentist for more complex procedures. Stressing the idea that dentists take away pain is important, too. It’s something many people forget but that children need to grasp early: The dentist is the only person who can fix that painful tooth and make the pain go away.

United Dental Care’s office in Culver City is equipped with appliances exclusive to kids and all the staff members are trained to handle kids behavior and are determined to make their visit here as comfortable as possible.

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