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Los Angeles Sedation Dentist

A “sedation dentist” is a dentist who is specially trained to give sedation drugs to patients. Using tranquilizers, depressants, anti-anxiety medication, nitrous oxide, etc., a sedation dentist gently sends dental patients into a deep sleep while he or she works on the patient’s mouth. These days, needle-free oral sedation medication is the most common method used by sedation dentists.


Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Even though some dental procedures may take hours, patients who have been put under with sedatives report feeling like they’ve only been there for a few minutes. From the perspective of the patient, they feel as if they are in and out of the dentist’s office in no time, with barely any memory of the procedure they’ve undergone, if they have any memory of it at all.

To meet with a West Los Angeles sedation dentist at United Dental Care call (310) 390-6000. If you need to be treated, our sedation dentists will help you feel comfortable during the procedure.

When to Ask for Sedation

Sedation dentistry is most appropriate for long, complex procedure that may involve shots into the gums or hours of discomfort. Some patients definitely delay or avoid certain dental work because of the pain they anticipate. Sedation dentistry removes this obstacle, as patients will experience no pain at all during the procedure.

Other patients may choose to use sedation even for regular procedures. For patients with serious phobias of going to the dentist, sedation dentistry provides these patients with the security they need to go in to the dentist for their routine dental check-ups. For these patients, a sedation dentist can make the difference between early detection of oral diseases and waiting until it’s too late. If you have deep fears associated with visiting the dentist’s office, you should speak to your dentist about the possibility of sedation.

Los Angeles Sedation Dentist

Angelinos pride themselves on being able to handle just about anything, from riots to traffic to wildfires. When it comes to being strapped down to a dental chair for a root canal, however, some Los Angeles residents find themselves breaking out in a cold sweat. Yet their sweat is no sweat for a Los Angeles sedation dentist. Patients with deep dental phobias should consider seeking out an experienced Los Angeles sedation dentist to make their next visit to the dentist far more comfortable.
West Los Angeles dentist Dr. Eftekhari, and the rest of the staff at United Dental Care, uses sedation dentistry techniques to help even the most nerve-wracked patients make it through a dentist’s visit in one piece. United Dental Care would be honored to be your choice for a Los Angeles sedation dentist.

If you are putting off going to the dentist because you fear the pain, you can rest assured that at United Dental Care you will be fine. Our Los Angeles sedation dentists will help you go through any dental procedure without feeling any pain at all.

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