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Teeth Grinding

Grinding, gnashing or clenching teeth is known as Bruxism or teeth grinding. You may unconsciously clench or grind your teeth during the day or night (Sleep Bruxism). Usually Bruxism is mild and doesn’t even need treatment. When it is frequent and severe it can cause jaw disorders, damaged teeth, headaches or other chronic facial pains. If you have sleep Bruxism, you probably are not even aware of it. If your teeth are worn down, chipped, flattened or fractured, are more sensitive or your enamels are worn and deeper layers of your teeth are showing you might want to call your dental office and get an appointment. Jaw pain or tightness in jaw muscles, enlarged jaw muscles, earache which is not due to a problem with your ear, chewed tissue inside your cheek or indentations on your tongue are other symptoms of teeth grinding.


It’s not clear what causes teeth grinding. Stress, anxiety, suppressed anger or frustration, side effects of some medications and some disease are said to cause Bruxism. Abnormal alignment of lower and upper teeth can also cause teeth grinding. In children response to pain from teething or earache and growth of jaws and teeth are known to be causes of teeth grinding, but it will usually go away as they grow. Just consult with a dentist to make sure your teeth are not getting damaged.

In case teeth grinding is severe, the cause of it should be determined first. If it is because of dental problems, correcting misaligned teeth could be the first step. As a dentist, I suggest using mouth guards or other protective dental appliances such as splints during the night. They don’t prevent teeth grinding but at least protect the teeth and minimalize the damage. Splints fit over upper and lower teeth and are made of hard acrylic. Mouth guards are available over-the-counter, but usually don’t fit properly and move around in the mouth. I prefer to make custom mouth guards for my patients to make sure it exactly fits their mouth. As a dentist I advise night guards that fit over all your lower and upper teeth.

As a kids dentist I do not recommend any treatment for the children’s grinding. This is due to dynamic growth and reshaping of the teeth and jaws of the children.
However, I have a very innovative and proven 80 % to prevent grinding and this treatment called NTI (Tension Suppression System). This treatment system has been effective for most migraine headaches too.  Mostly, eliminates grinding habits as well completely.  That’s why I suggest it as a kids dentist to use it to prevent damage to teeth if you have teeth grinding problem. 

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