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Teeth Whitening – My Shiny Teeth

It’s important to have nice, bright colored teeth. With healthy white teeth, people feel less self-conscious and smile more often. The appearance of facial wrinkles is minimized and the face looks more youthful with whiter teeth. Orthodontic treatments can regulate the jaw alignment and enhance the way teeth look, but in order to have whiter teeth, whitening or bleaching procedures should be performed on the teeth.

Naturally teeth darken over time and as we age. Consuming coffee, tea, cigarettes and cola soft drinks can contribute to discoloration of them, too. Some medications and post orthodontic treatments can cause tooth discoloration. Some people naturally have brighter or thicker enamel than the others, so genetics is another contributor. Excessive fluoride, usually in water or some mouth rinses and tooth pastes, is another reason for discoloration of the teeth. Tooth whitening, which is actually a cosmetic dental treatment, is very popular among the patients for restoring the natural color of the teeth and enhancing the smile. Professional teeth whitening done in a dental office is another treatment that can be used for the same purpose. In office teeth whitening only the color of the teeth is lightened. In teeth whitening the brown and yellow stains on the teeth are removed and quite a number of techniques can be used to do so. The new advanced technologies used in this field are very effective, faster and more comfortable.

When our patients come in for whitening, it’s interesting to observe their feelings and facial expressions before and after the procedure. They are usually self-conscious and shy when they ask for whitening, and are somehow embarrassed by how their teeth look. Sometimes they even try to explain why they need to get their teeth whitened. After the procedure, when they look in the mirror to see their just whitened teeth, I feel refreshed by the expression on their face and their new beautiful smile. They always smile when they walk out of the office.

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