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Toothache and Sinus Infection

Not all toothaches can indicate a problem with teeth or gum. Sometimes toothaches are caused by sinus infection, especially if the pain is in the upper teeth in the mouth. We have a sinus, called the maxillary sinus, on each side of the nose. Maxillary sinuses are the ones that most commonly become infected as they are prominently exposed to the environment and because their mucus has to move upward to drain into the nasal cavity, so they usually don’t drain while you are standing, and that makes them prone to infections. Once a sinus gets infected, it fills up with fluid and gets inflamed. As the roots of the upper teeth end in these two sinuses, patients feel the pain in their upper back teeth and often complain about a metallic taste in their mouth.


When pain is caused by a problem in the teeth, only one of teeth aches and the dentist can pinpoint it by gently tapping on the teeth in that area and finding the tooth that causes you more pain. If the pain is caused by sinus infection, usually all the teeth in that area ache and you won’t be able to indicated a single source of pain.

Sinus infection is a source of concern at Culver City Dentist. Continuous nasal and sinus infection can lead to poor dental development and can make performing orthodontic treatments very difficult. If your symptoms persist, consult with one of our dentists at Los Angeles Dentist or West Los Angeles Dentist.
If nose is blocked, the passage from the sinus to nose in blocked and fluid can accumulate in the sinuses, making them ideal environments for bacteria to live and grew, therefore causing sinus infection. Taking hot showers and generally increasing the moist in the air you breathe in can open the blockage in the nose and help with sinus infection. If the symptoms persist, or if your sinuses get infected more than three times a year, you need to consult with a doctor to find alternative solutions for your condition.

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