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Top 5 Reasons to Go to a General Dentist Culver City

A visit to the dentist was never a child’s favorite years ago; it probably still is not and adults can also

be apprehensive of visiting the dentist because of the uncertainty about what the dentist will find.

Modern injections have meant that there is virtually no pain no matter how extensive a course of

treatment you might need. You should get into the habit of regularly visiting a general dentist in

Culver City for several reasons.

Gum Disease

Gum Disease is all too common but it is largely preventable if you are making regular visits to a

general dentist in Culver City. Checkups can find a developing problem and dental advice can

prevent its further development. That advice will include brushing your teeth twice a day and regular

flossing. It is one way for you to avoid losing teeth.

Oral Cancer

Cancer comes in many forms. Oral cancer is one of them and it can be fatal. You can get regular

screening during your regular checkups at a general dentist in Culver City. You should get into the

habit of making regular appointments and if you have children get them into the habit of going

regularly themselves. They will keep that habit for life and have no concerns about dental


Tooth Loss

While implants can counter the loss of teeth it is surely better to keep your own. If you see your

dentist regularly you will be less likely to lose a tooth, especially because the condition of your gums

will be regularly monitored.


They say that prevention is better than cure. That apples in dentistry just as it does in general health.

When your general dentist in Culver City is seeing your teeth regularly there is far less likelihood of

cavities developing, fillings breaking or gum disease. Emergencies can never be eradicated

completely but regular trips to the dentist will certainly reduce chances greatly.

General Health

Oral health does play a role in everyone’s overall health. There is a link between several chronic

diseases such as diabetes and gum disease. Your general dentist at Culver City understands how best

to help patients to maintain their general health and it is a role that a good dental practice will be

happy to assume.

You can get peace of mind from your dentist; the knowledge that you have a professional looking

after your welfare and just think about that nice smile you are maintaining all the time.

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