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Dental veneers are very thin layers of porcelain or resin shells that are made to cover the surface of the teeth to enhance their look. They are used to fix teeth that are discolored, chipped or broken or irregularly shaped. They are also used to cover the gaps between the teeth.

Enamel of teeth becomes worn, dulled or discolored by age or genetically. Also, they may become chipped or broken. Our general dentists at United Dental Care, also known as Culver City Dentist, use veneers to help restore the natural look of the teeth. Veneers can also be used to change the color of the teeth as they have different shades and are stain resistant. They need to be changed after five to ten years.

Our general dentists at Culver City Dentist use porcelain veneers which are translucent, just like the tooth enamel. When the light gets to the teeth, it moves through the layers of the tooth and reflects from the core of it. Porcelain has the same feature which makes the teeth look natural. As they are customizable, they can be used for fixing broken and chipped teeth as well, but they can improve the teeth by more than just changing their color and shape.

The process of placing the veneers on the teeth is done in several sessions. Our general dentist first examines your teeth to see if they are good candidates and might even take some X-rays. Then half a millimeter of the dental enamel is removed, and a model of your teeth is made, which will be used to make the veneers. Then you teeth are cleaned and polished. Special cement is applied to the veneers and is then the veneers are placed on your teeth.

Before you decide to use veneers you should consider that the process is not reversible, they cannot be repaired if they are chipped or cracked, their color cannot be changed once they are placed on your teeth, your teeth may become more sensitive as some part of the enamel is removed, and they can still decay. That's why weak and unhealthy teeth are not good candidates.

On other hands, many people have porcelain or resin veneers. They are very happy to have some kind of veneers on their teeth. These people's quality of life has tremendously improved due to the improvement of the appearance of their teeth. They avoided smiling in the public, even at home in front of their own family members from the unpleasant look of their teeth. Mostly, they would cover their mouth when smiling or talking.

Thanks to the magical art and science of dentist at Culver City Dentist to give these types of patients the quality of life they deserve. We at Culver City Dentist have many happy life stories from the outcomes of Veneer treatments. You too can have beautiful smile.

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