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What You Need to Know About Tooth Cavities

Tooth cavities in very young kids is one of my biggest concerns as a kids dentist these days. It seems that many kids start to have cavities in their baby teeth between age 2 and 5. Cavities are decayed parts of the teeth that turn into holes or openings in the teeth. A combination of factors cause tooth decays. Some of them are snacking frequently, consuming sugary drinks and of course, not cleaning your teeth properly. Also foods that stay on the teeth for a long time, like raisins, dried fruit, milk, ice cream, honey, sugar, cake, cookies, hard candy, cereal, chips and soda can cause cavities. Milk, juice, formula or other sugar-containing drinks stay on teeth for a long time and cause erosion which eventually leads to cavities (that’s where baby bottle tooth decay comes from). That is the obvious reason why kids dentists observe so many tooth cavities and decays in kids. Snacking is quite a habit for kids, they love sugary drinks and sweet foods and they are not that obsessive with brushing and taking care of their teeth.


If your kid complains about tooth ache, tooth sensitivity, pain when drinking or eating hot, cold or sweet things, pain when biting down or if you can see holes or pits in their teeth or pus around them, it could be a sign of cavities and you need to consult with a kids dentist. The process of decaying is reversible before a cavity completely forms, but once it’s complete the lost structure in the tooth cannot be regenerated. If the childrens dentist detects the cavity in its early stages the tooth can be saved. There are ways to repair a tooth. Composite fillings, also called white fillings, is a treatment I perform practically every day as a childrens dentist at our dental office, United Dental Care. They are the same color as natural tooth and are mostly used on the teeth that are easily seen in the mouth. Although they are quite durable, they don’t last forever and eventually have to be replaced. Nothing can replace a natural tooth. 

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