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White FillingsWhite fillings for cavities, also known as “dental composite resins”, are a beautiful and safe alternative to traditional “silver” fillings. Here in Culver City, kids' dentist teams at United Dental Care knows that parents are increasingly concerned about these so-called “silver” fillings for cavities, because they contain far more mercury – a toxic heavy metal – than silver. Although the jury is still out over the long-term health impact on children and adults from these mercury fillings, some research indicates that there might be a link between heavy metals and certain childhood developmental disorders, such as autism.

Other Advantages of White Fillings for Cavities

Besides the potential health benefits of white fillings, any Culver City cosmetic dentist will tell you that white fillings simply look much better than the old-fashioned mercury fillings. The white fillings can be made to match virtually any tooth color – especially important for pre-teens and teens getting a filling for the first time who are worried about how the new filling will make their smile look. Parents looking for a Culver City children dentist will appreciate the time and consideration United Dental Care will put into a new white filling for young children, adolescents, or any member of your family.

Furthermore, many people aren't aware that white fillings are actually stronger than traditional silver fillings. If you have a qualified, competent Culver City dentist, he or she should be able to explain to you that white fillings restore most of the original strength of the tooth, make the tooth less sensitive to hot and cold, and require less removal of the original tooth.

You don’t need to worry how your smile would look like with silver fillings any more. At United Dental Care you can get white fillings and keep enjoying your smile.

Combine White Fillings with Culver City Orthodontics

You can go to just one dentist's office for your white fillings, your periodontics, and your braces. For residents of Culver City, braces have never been easier. Dr. Reza Salmassian, DDS, is United Dental Care's orthodontics specialist who works specifically with children. Dr. Salmassian can correct your child's overbite, crowding, or missing teeth through braces and thoughtfully educating your child so that the problem doesn't repeat itself in the future. Fixing these sorts of problems early may prevent the child from developing dental problems that may lead to cavities later in life.

At United Dental Care in Culver City, your whole family will appreciate the “gentle dental” approach. Besides Dr. Salmassian, Drs. Abbas Eftekhari (Dr. E to the kids), Hamid Daneshmand, and Mehrdad Noori form an excellent dental team who can handle all your family's needs. From orthodontics and periodontics to white fillings, United Dental Care can provide you with a Culver City dentist you'll visit for years to come.

Are you still having your silver fillings? Call (310) 390-6000 and make an appointment with a Culver City dentist at United Dental Care for a checkup.

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