Kids Dentistry

Culver City Dentist specializes in general as well as kids dentist treatments. Our dental staff is dedicated to making each kids trip to the dentist office a pleasant, happy experience. When kids have positive associations with visiting the dentist, they are more likely to come in for regular dental cleaning checkups throughout their life and have better overall dental health. At Culver City Dentist, we know that having a great experience at the kids dentist is critical for a lifetime of great dental health. This is why our staff specifically caters kids dentist treatments to our children patients through a kid-friendly waiting room with toys and cartoon DVDs, a tell-show-do approach to kids dental treatments, and a positive reinforcement reward system that encourages good behavior.

Our kids dentist team includes Dr. Abbas Efktekhari and Dr. Reza Salmassian, who are the resident general dentist and orthodontist on the Culver City Dentist staff. Dr. Abbas Eftekhari is a gentle, caring doctor who has been a kids dentist for the last twelve years. Dr. Ektekhari takes special care while treating kids by always engaging them during the treatment, talking to them and explaining the treatment in a soothing manner, and educating them about proper dental care practices. At Culver City Dentist, we believe that kids should have fun at the dentist, and our thousands of young patients can attest that we do just that. Our kids dentists use the tell-see-do approach that has been proven effective in kids dentistry. First, kids are told about the dental treatment that will occur in simple, easy to understand terms by one of our friendly dentists. Then, the kid’s dentist will use tools to show the patient how the treatment will be performed. Finally, once the young patient understands what is about to happen and feels comfortable with the situation, the actual treatment can be performed.

Prevention still is the best approach to this date for children dental treatment. At Culver City, Dentist office recommends a dental check-up for most children every six months. Due to risk increase of tooth decay in some children, we will let you know what would be the best appointment schedule for your children. Regular dental visit helps your child to become cavity-fee. Tooth caries is not the only reason that your child should visit our office. But we may recommend in office fluoridation or sealants of the teeth for having stronger teeth.

Doctors at Culver City Dentist review your kid’s dental and medical history, then, a gentle examination of the soft tissues as well as teeth will be completed. Your child’s dentist will clean and polish the teeth and fluoridates the teeth by application of fluoride solution. The doctor won’t talk just to you about dental care, he or she will discuss to your child with easy words which is understandable to your child. One of our goals is to teach your child to take responsibility for healthier teeth and oral health.

At the Culver City Dentist, we make you aware of some easy steps toward a good dental health for your child. These steps are including:

  • Awareness of frequent snacking
  • Brush in the morning after breakfast and evening after dinner with a florid toothpaste.
  • Floss at night
  • Ask your child dentist to apply sealants when appropriate on your kid’s teeth.
  • Keep up with your twice a year dental check up.
  • Make sure of enough fluoridation of child’s teeth by using of fluoride products, fluoride
    supplements or through drinking water.

Most young patients are comfortable, calm and confident in Culver City Dentist office. Our office is designed for your children and we have 15 years of treating kids. At the Culver City Dentist office we have provided dental treatments for many happy children and parents. However, sometimes a child patient may become anxious during or before the dental treatment. It is, in this case, that child patient may need Nitrous oxide/Oxygen to help the patient to calm the fear of dental visit. Also, this would increase the effectiveness of the communication. Plus, Nitrous oxide/Oxygen would decrease the gag reflex in some child patient with dental treatments.

We provide a calm, comfortable, friendly, happy atmosphere at Culver City Dental office for your child. This will ensure a long life positive approach to dental treatments and prevention.