Partial Dentures

If you are missing just a few or several teeth, our expert in partial dentures in Culver City may recommend partial dentures. A partial denture consists of false teeth that are attached to a gum-colored base, and it attaches to your teeth by a metal framework or clasps. The denture is designed to replace your teeth aesthetically and comfortably without requiring alteration of your other teeth.

Candidates for partial dentures will begin with a consultation with our Culver City partial dentures expert. This consultation may include a comprehensive evaluation and records, such as dental X-rays, dental impressions, and images. A treatment plan will be designed, and the records will be used to craft the partial.

Other treatments may be necessary before the partial dentures can be placed. For example, our expert in partial dentures may recommend that dental crowns be placed on your teeth. Dental crowns can alter the contours of your teeth and create a more comfortable, secure fit for your partial denture. Once your denture is ready, you will return to the office, and we will check it for fit.

Partial Dentures Culver City

You may experience a period of adjustment during which your new partial denture feels awkward or bulky. This is common. Continue wearing it according to the instructions that you received from our Culver City partial dentures expert. In some cases, you may need to wear your partial continuously in the first few days. This allows us to better identify any necessary adjustments. If your partial rubs or irritates your gums, it may need an adjustment. Avoid forcing the partial, which could damage or even break it.

Maintaining good dental hygiene is important even after you have received your new denture. Our expert in partial dentures in Culver City may recommend a specific dental cleaner. Avoid using toothpaste on your denture since toothpaste can be too abrasive and may scratch or otherwise damage the prosthetic teeth. Clean your dentures and brush your teeth every day, and continue visiting us for checkups twice a year.

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