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Our dental office is located in Culver City and we have been in business for many years. We pride ourselves in our quality of service. Our dental office has garnered success by treating patients like family.

Our dentists and staff are passionate and love creating smiles for our patients. We have over 75,000 loyal and satisfied patients who always come back because we care about their health and teeth.

We appreciate the opportunity to meet and take care of you, your family, and your friends’ oral care. It is an honor to be entrusted with your oral care, a responsibility we will not take lightly. The highest priority and passion is seeing our patients satisfied with our services. If you have never visited our office, we ask of you to stop by once, and we promise an experience unlike any you may have had before.

We understand that your time is valuable, which is why our office uses cutting edge technologies to better serve you. From the electronic forms to our high-tech machinery, we have the newest technology at your service. Every United Dental Care staff member goes through hours of rigorous training and tests before they are hired.

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United Dental Care | Culver City Dentist, Pediatric Family Dentist & #1 Culver City Orthodontics

Culver City Dentist

At United Dental Care (also known as Culver City Dentist), we pride ourselves on providing top notch dentists for adults who expertly address all of your dental care needs. Adult dentistry encompasses a wide range of issues that come naturally with aging teeth including cavity fillings, root canals, bridges, crowns, veneers and gum disease treatment. Culver City Dentist's office is staffed with specialist adult dentists including Dr. Abbas Eftekhari, who handles general dentistry issues, Dr. Amir Dadgar-Yeganeh , who is the orthodontist and handles adult braces, children braces. Dr. Azadeh Tavari, a specialist in periodontal treatment and gum surgery and dental implant specialist and Dr. Navid Kabiri, who handles all of the adult cosmetic dentistry treatments. Between them they have nearly a century of dentistry experience treating adult patients and have successfully treated over 100,000 happy adult and children patients.

Many adults avoid going to the dentist because they believe that brushing their teeth is enough to prevent the onset of adult dental issues. However, this simply is not the case – adult dental care requires regular dental cleanings to mitigate issues as well as regular checkups and x-rays to spot early signs of adult dental problems like receding gums, bone loss, tooth decay and tooth loss. Some adults avoid dentist visits because they are afraid of the needles involved in dental anesthesia, or want to avoid added radiation exposure from dental x-rays. At Culver City Dentist, our state-of-the-art dental technology virtually eliminates these concerns. With advance in dental anesthesia techniques, adults avoiding the dentist no longer have to fear the pain associated with fillings or other dental treatments. Additionally, the Culver City Dentist office is equipped with digital x-rays. Digital dental x-rays are faster, more accurate and eliminate 90% of the radiation involved with traditional dentist x-rays, making the process safer, faster and more enjoyable for our adult patients who visit the dentist. At Culver City Dentist we are equipped with the latest technology of Cone Beam imaging machines. We take 3D images to increase to the highest level of diagnosis in dental treatments.

Pediatric Dentistry Culver City

Culver City Dentist provides service for general as well as pediatric dentist treatments for kids. Our dental staff is dedicated to making each kids trip to the dentist office a pleasant, happy experience. When kids have positive associations with visiting the dentist, they are more likely to come in for regular dental cleaning checkups throughout their life and have better overall dental health. At Culver City Dentist, we know that having a great experience at the kids dentist is critical for a lifetime of great dental health. This is why our staff specifically caters kids dental treatments to our children patients through a kid-friendly waiting room with toys and cartoon movies. A tell-show-do approach to kids dental treatments, and a positive reinforcement reward system that encourages good behavior.

Our pediatric dentist team in Culver City includes Dr. Abbas Efktekhari and Dr. Amir Dadgar-Ye, who are the resident general dentist and orthodontist on the Culver City Dentist staff. Dr. Abbas Eftekhari is a gentle, caring doctor who has been a kid’s dentist for the last twelve years. Dr. Ektekhari takes special care while treating kids by always engaging them during the treatment, talking to them and explaining the treatment in a soothing manner, and educating them about proper dental care practices. At Culver City Dentist, we believe that kids should have fun at the dentist, and our thousands of young patients can attest that we do just that. Our kid’s dentists use the tell-see-do approach that has been proven effective in kids’ dentistry. First, kids are told about the dental treatment that will occur in simple, easy to understand terms by one of our friendly dentists. Then, the kid’s dentist will use tools to show the patient how the treatment will be performed. Finally, once the young patient understands what is about to happen and feels comfortable with the situation, the actual treatment can be performed.