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Severe dental trauma, bite problems, gum diseases, tooth decay, and other structural abnormalities of the mouth can seriously affect your day-to-day life. The struggle is badly irritating that you will always find it difficult to live without a full set of functional and healthy teeth.


With Culver City Dentist United Dental Care, the goal of restoring your healthy oral condition can be fully achieved and maximized.

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What is a full mouth reconstruction?

As the name suggests, full-mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation is a comprehensive treatment to rebuild and restore the patient’s oral and dental condition. This dental procedure can include a variety of treatments, involving several dental professionals in the process.

Full mouth reconstruction integrates the art of cosmetic dental procedures with the science of restorative dentistry. Hence, aesthetics is altogether reached with oral functionality and dental health.

Once an individual suffers from complicated oral diseases, this treatment is best advised as this comprehensively solves all problems with a systematic treatment plan.

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Who needs full mouth restoration?

Full mouth restorations are not the typical smile makeovers. The latter are only elective treatments that are purely aesthetic, while the former is medically necessary to address potentially dangerous oral deficiencies. Nonetheless, as full mouth reconstruction focuses on health and function, this caters equally to aesthetics.

Full mouth restorations, generally, are advised for people with severe dental trauma, advanced tooth decay, structural abnormalities of the mouth, and gum disease. Inborn oral conditions such as Amelogenesis imperfecta, Dentinogenesis Imperfecta, and Ectodermal Dysplasia also require this treatment.

Since full mouth restoration addresses different oral and dental conditions, no specific age requirement is clinically advised. As cases vary depending on the unique oral condition of an individual, full mouth reconstruction can be done insofar as an individual already has adult teeth and jaw structures and is fit to undergo a series of comprehensive medical treatments.

If you suffer from severe dental cases, consult our dentist at Culver City United Dental Care.

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What dental problems does a full mouth reconstruction treat?

The statistics on dental diseases in the US show that roughly 50% of American adults suffer from gum disease. On top of this, 25% of adults in the country have untreated tooth decay, and 40% of adults suffer from mouth pain.

Although full mouth reconstruction isn’t an ordinary procedure that one casually gets upon a dental visit, the causes that might trigger an individual to get one are significantly high.

The following are some of the most common cases that require a comprehensive dental exam and a full mouth restoration procedure:

• Periodontal disease (gum disease)
• Advanced decay of numerous teeth
• Multiple loss of teeth
• Badly worn teeth due to grinding and acid reflux
• Severe dental trauma
• Temporomandibular joint syndrome

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Treatments and procedures recommended during a full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction procedures vary depending on a patient’s specific needs and conditions. Hence, there is no exact procedural lineup for fully reconstructing your mouth. There are basic steps, however, before we perform a full mouth reconstruction. These are:

Step 1. Comprehensive Dental Exam. On your first visit, our dentist shall examine your gums, bite, teeth structures, and jaw to determine what specific treatments you need. This procedure includes x-ray visions of your oral structures, molds of your teeth, and a thorough one-on-one dialogue with your dentist regarding your targets for restoration.

Step 2. Treatment Plan. Once a thorough examination is done, our dental expert shall then present a treatment plan.

The treatment plan can include a variety of other dental procedures that would address a patient’s need. Treatment can involve:

Root canal
Tooth extractions
Dental implants
• Jaw repositioning surgery
• Gum and bone grafting, periodontal care
Dental bridges or dentures,
• Tooth-colored fillings,
Inlays and Onlays, and porcelain crowns.

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What are the benefits of full mouth restoration?

As a holistic treatment for oral diseases, full mouth restoration guarantees a handful of benefits:

• Over-all Health Protection
Full mouth restoration goes beyond the need for aesthetics to promote the well-being of an individual. This treatment prevents you from the risks of developing further diseases and oral damage as it eliminates and addresses oral problems directly.

• Lifetime results
With regular check-ups and proper oral care, full mouth restoration gives you a lifetime of satisfactory results. That would mean an almost complete exception from oral diseases and pain.

• Aesthetic and Corrective
Full mouth restoration integrates corrective and aesthetic procedures that further help you achieve a perfect and healthy smile.

• One-shot Solution to Multiple Oral Problems
Severe and multiple problems need no different treatment plans. Full mouth reconstruction provides comprehensive and systematic treatment procedures for complicated oral diseases.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the information you're looking for? We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!

The cost of a full mouth restoration depends on several factors, such as the procedure required, location, number of teeth to restore, dentist’s fees, and insurance.

The cost can range anywhere from $20,000 to $70,000, with an average of about $50,000.

Better consult our dentist to know your treatment plan and your insurance coverage. 

Your full mouth reconstruction could last a lifetime with proper care and regular dental visits. This proves how satisfactory the result that this procedure gives.

With today’s anesthetics, full mouth reconstruction is considered a pain-free procedure. Our dentist shall ensure that you are completely comfortable with every dental procedure. Over-the-counter painkillers are available should you feel pain during the healing process.

A jaw reconstruction is a gradual process. This procedure might take several years to heal and reconstruct completely. It is because the initial jaw healing may take 6-12 weeks after surgery, and aligning the teeth with braces may take several months.

Yes. Jaw surgery can significantly change the shape of your face. A balanced facial feature is likely expected once the procedure is done.

How to Start with a Full Mouth Reconstruction in Culver City

All smiles, facial features, and oral conditions are unique - so are the treatment plans. Consult our dentists now and see what fits your need and desire.

Our experts in Culver City Dentist United Dental Care guarantee that your first Full Mouth Reconstruction procedure shall help you achieve your oral health goals.

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