Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction is a common procedure in dentistry that may be recommended if a tooth is severely damaged or severely decayed. Our Culver City tooth extraction expert may also recommend a tooth extraction if you are undergoing certain types of orthodontic treatment, have advanced periodontal disease, when wisdom teeth threaten your dental health or if extensive crowding has made it difficult for permanent teeth to erupt.

If you are a candidate for a dental extraction, our expert in tooth extraction in Culver City may begin by taking dental X-rays that allow us to better identify underlying structures so that the risk to adjacent teeth is minimized. The tissues around the affected tooth will be numbed to ensure a comfortable procedure. If you are having several or all of your teeth removed, stronger anesthetics or general anesthesia may be needed.

After the tooth has been extracted, stitches may be placed, and a cotton gauze pad will be used to control any bleeding that occurs. If a diseased or damaged tooth was removed, our Culver City tooth extraction expert may recommend restoring it with a dental implant or bridge. If all your teeth were removed, traditional dentures or implant-supported dentures may be recommended.

Tooth Extraction Culver City

Taking care of your extraction site can promote healing and reduce your risk of complications. Our expert in tooth extraction in Culver City may provide you with antibiotics or painkillers. Take these as directed. Change gauze pads as necessary, and avoid strenuous physical activity, which can increase pain and bleeding.

As with any dental procedure, complications can occur. Smoking, drinking carbonated beverages or using a straw can increase your risk of complications such as dry socket. Rinse with warm salt water as directed to reduce swelling. Good dental hygiene during and after the recovery period is critical to your dental health and can reduce your risk of infection.

While tooth extractions can be helpful and necessary in many cases, if the tooth can be saved, a root canal therapy may be recommended instead. Contact our dentist in Culver City to learn more or to schedule your appointment.