Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are designed to restore teeth that have suffered from decay or small areas of damage. Our expert in dental filling in Culver City can restore your tooth safely and attractively with tooth-colored fillings.

Two types of dental fillings are currently available: amalgam fillings and tooth-colored fillings. While amalgam dental fillings have been used for many decades, many people have concerns about their safety. Tooth-colored dental fillings have no mercury, which is found in amalgam fillings, and they are considered a healthier choice. Additionally, they can provide greater support for the affected tooth.

If you have cavities or small areas of damage on your teeth, our Culver City dental filling expert may recommend tooth-colored fillings. Tooth-colored fillings are made to match your teeth exactly for a more aesthetically appealing restoration. Amalgam fillings tend to become dark or even black over time, which many people dislike. Additionally, when an amalgam filling is placed, healthy tooth structure must be removed to create retention grooves. Tooth-colored fillings bond with the tooth, which not only creates a tighter seal but can also strengthen the tooth against fracture.

Dental Fillings Culver City

Candidates for dental fillings will begin by having the affected area numbed. Our expert in dental filling in Culver City will then remove any decayed tissue and carefully clean and dry the tooth. A special liquid that acts as a primer will be painted onto the tooth. A composite resin material is applied in thin layers and formed to fit the tooth before being cured with a special high-intensity light. This light hardens it so that our Culver City dental filling expert can complete the shaping process and polish it to a natural-looking luminescent sheen.

Once you have your new filling, you can protect it and your other teeth by maintaining good dental habits. Brush two times a day with fluoride toothpaste, and floss every day. Regular checkups at least twice a year can be important for monitoring your dental health and keeping your teeth strong.

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