General Dentist

At United Dental Care (also known as Culver City Dentist), we pride ourselves on providing top notch dentists for adults who expertly address all of your dental care needs.Adult dentistry encompasses a wide range of issues that come naturally with aging teeth including cavity fillings, root canals, bridges, crowns, veneers and gum disease treatment. Culver City Dentist’s office is staffed with specialist adult dentists including Dr. Abbas Eftekhari, who handles general dentistry issues, Dr. Reza Salmassian, who is the orthodontist and handles adult braces, children braces. Dr. Hanid Daneshmand, a specialist in periodontal treatment and gum surgery, and Dr. Mehrdad Noori, who handles all of the adult cosmetic dentistry treatments. Between them they have nearly a century of dentistry experience treating adult patients and have successfully treated over 25,000 happy adult and children patients.

Many adults avoid going to the dentist because they believe that brushing their teeth is enough to prevent the onset of adult dental issues. However, this simply is not the case – adult dental care requires regular dental cleanings to mitigate issues as well as regular checkups and x-rays to spot early signs of adult dental problems like receding gums, bone loss, tooth decay and tooth loss. Some adults avoid dentist visits because they are afraid of the needles involved in dental anesthesia, or want to avoid added radiation exposure from dental x-rays. At Culver City Dentist, our state of the art dental technology virtually eliminates these concerns. With needle-free dental anesthesia, adults avoiding the dentist no longer have to fear the pain associated with fillings or other dental treatments. Additionally, the Culver City Dentist office is equipped with digital x-rays. Digital dental x-rays are faster, more accurate and eliminate 90% of the radiation involved with traditional dentist x-rays, making the process safer, faster and more enjoyable for our adult patients who visit the dentist.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy is the treatment of a tooth with diseased or infected nerve. In the past, such a tooth had to be removed. With advancement in dentistry, many of these teeth can now be treated successfully. As a root canal dentist, we make every effort to save your tooth without causing you any discomfort. We want to help you preserve your natural teeth for good.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the last resort when a tooth is severely fractured or decayed and cannot be restored. We provide our patients every relaxing technique available during this procedure. We use the latest equipment and procedures to ensure that you are in utmost comfort. Patients are given detailed instructions and are informed about the few simple rules to help promote healing and prevent any complications.

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal disease (or gum disease) is primarily caused by bacterial plaque, although several other factors like genetics, smoking, tobacco consumption and medical conditions like diabetes and AIDS can also cause periodontal disease. The initial symptoms of these diseases are bleeding gums and bad breath. They are usually painless disease and may go unnoticed until it is too late.

We perform periodontal therapy on patients diagnosed with the early periodontal disease. Scaling and Root planning procedures are used to remove deep tartar. Periodic maintenance appointments are scheduled until optimum results are achieved. We also educate our patients about home health care to achieve these optimum results.