Teeth Whitening

A dazzling white smile is an essential part of your wardrobe. Without it, you just would not look complete. For most people, however, a brilliant smile is not something that comes naturally. Their dentist helps them achieve their perfect smile with teeth whitening. If you are considering having a teeth whitening procedure performed, call Dr. Eftekhari, Culver City Cosmetic dentist.

Tooth enamel starts off pearly white, then gradually becomes discolored or stained as time passes. These discolorations occur for several different reasons. First, the tooth enamel can become discolored when you consume too many staining foods and beverages. Foods such as berries and drinks like red wine can stain the tooth enamel, and these stains require a professional whitening from Dr. Eftekhari, expert in teeth whitening in Culver City, to remove them entirely. The tooth can also become discolored when the enamel wears thin. Thin enamel allows the yellowish under layer, called dentin, to show through.

A professional tooth whitening procedure from Dr. Eftekhari, our Culver City teeth whitening expert, will lift years of stains in just one session. In many cases, the teeth can be whitened by as many as five to eight shades in just one office visit. If you take care of your teeth properly, such as by avoiding staining foods and beverages, avoiding smoking, and brushing your teeth at least twice per day, your results can last for months.

Teeth Whitening Culver City

Dr. Eftekhari, expert in teeth whitening in Culver City, and the other dentists at United Dental Care also provide other cosmetic and general dental services for both adults and children in addition to performing teeth whitening. They perform dental bonding, place fillings, perform dental extractions, fit patients with dentures, crowns, and bridges, treat periodontal disease, fit patients with veneers, perform root canals, perform full mouth reconstructions, place inlays and onlays, and much more.

Dr. Eftekhari is a Culver City teeth whitening expert. He has performed thousands of teeth whitening procedures, helping patients achieve the dazzling white smile of their dreams. Call United Dental Care to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening, or a consultation for another cosmetic or general dental service.