Are Invisalign Clear Aligners Worth It?

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Invisalign clear aligners are custom-fit aligners that promise to straighten teeth without the hassle of traditional metal braces. With their popularity, they’ve taken the orthodontic treatment world by storm. But are these braces worth it? 

In this article, we’ll help you make an informed decision. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable and discreet way to straighten your teeth or want to achieve that dream smile, read on to find out whether Invisalign clear aligners are a worthwhile investment.

Our Verdict: Invisalign clear aligners is money well spent (But)

Modern orthodontic procedures like Invisalign aligners can provide more benefits than conventional ones. With the help of modern technology, orthodontists can now make pain-free and aesthetically pleasing braces. 

Here are the benefits of Invisalign plastic aligners:

  • Almost unnoticeable 
  • Removable, thus easy to clean
  • More comfortable than traditional braces because it is made of flexible plastic
  • Requires shorter treatment time than traditional ones 
  • Doesn’t need frequent visits to your orthodontist compared to metal braces
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To support the claim above, various researchers conducted a study entitled “Clinical effectiveness of Invisalign® orthodontic treatment: a systematic review.” The study was a randomized controlled trial that lasted 12 months and included 80 adult patients with misaligned teeth. The patients were divided into two groups, 40 receiving traditional dental braces and 40 receiving clear aligners.

Both treatments resulted in significant improvements in dental alignment, with no significant difference between the two groups. However, patients in the Invisalign group reported higher satisfaction levels and preferred the Invisalign clear aligners for their cosmetic appeal and comfort. The treatment time was also said to be shorter in the Invisalign group. 

With the effectiveness and advantages of clear aligners, we can say that this treatment is worth every penny. However, some people might not be qualified to have this treatment. It still depends on various factors and the expert judgment of your orthodontist. 

When are Invisalign Aligners a Better Option

Transparent braces may be one of the best alignment treatments out there. However, there are cases in which removable aligners may not suit other people. This treatment only works in a few specific scenarios and conditions. So, if you’re considering having these braces, you should know when it is a better option.

First to consider is the cost of Invisalign plastic aligners. In California, a clear aligner can range from $3,500 to $9000, making it more expensive than traditional orthodontic cases. If you are on a limited budget, there are other products you can consider.

Second, clear braces are better for people with mild to moderate malocclusion. Metal braces might be better if you have a complex or severe dental problem. That’s why it’s essential that you consult a dental professional to know if you are eligible for this procedure.

Based on a study, Invisalign clear braces can align your teeth faster than conventional braces. Another research found that patients who receive Invisalign treatment have better periodontal health and are more satisfied with Invisalign aligners than those with a fixed orthodontic appliance. These characteristics make plastic braces a better option.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Invisalign Aligners

We’ve already uncovered a few points that warrant Invisalign treatment. If needed, you should remember the following factors to help you justify your decision.

Patient eligibility

As mentioned earlier, Invisalign aligners are not recommended for complex dental issues such as a severe overbite, slight and rotated teeth, a large tooth gap, tooth intrusion, or extrusion. So, if you have one, your dentist will suggest other applicable options.

Treatment Goals

Establishing clear treatment goals with your dentist and assessing if they can be met using Invisalign aligners is vital. To work things out, you and your orthodontist should set a realistic outcome and devise a plan. This way, you can avoid having false hopes and disappointments when the treatment culminates. 


Your cooperation and commitment are essential to achieve your treatment goal. Strictly following your orthodontist’s list of do’s and don’ts can lead to a faster and better result. 

Invisalign Cost and Insurance Coverage

Aside from the treatment goal, it would be best to consider the treatment cost. Knowing its price can help determine your paying capacity and options.

Fortunately, some dental insurance companies offer plans that cover clear aligners. Thus, it is best to find a dental clinic that supports your dental insurance plan. You should also ask your dental insurance provider if they cover Invisalign treatment. 


Choosing clear braces may not require frequent visits to your dentist compared to traditional braces. But you do need to follow proper maintenance. Regular dental check-ups and scheduled appointments are necessary to ensure the desired outcome. This process can also help your orthodontist track the alignment of your teeth and improvements.

Monitoring and simple check-ups can prevent you from any possible unforeseen dental problem that might happen.

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Here are some key takeaways before you go to the nearest dentist and get your teeth straightened with clear braces:

  • Invisalign clear aligners can live up to their hype and be worth your money. However, they’re not for everyone, especially those with severe orthodontic problems.
  • It will help if you consider your goals, paying capacity, and maintenance to get the most out of this orthodontic treatment. 
  • It’s always of utmost importance to seek the advice of a dental professional when getting a dental treatment that can make or break your orthodontic plans.

So, if you’re looking for someone you can trust to fix your teeth, visit Culver City Dentist United Dental Care. Take control of your smile today by booking a quick consultation now.


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